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Apple of My Eye Cider Cocktail

Looking for an easy cocktail to share with your special someone this Valentine's Day? This easy recipe is sure to make your holiday romantic and fun. Ingredients 5 Strawberries Tapped Apple's First Bite Hard Cider Pomegranate or Cranberry juice (whichever you prefer) How to Make Your Valentine's Day Drinks

  1. Clean and muddle 4 strawberries. Divide evenly and put your muddled berries in bottom of 2 champagne flutes.

  2. Fill flutes until they are 3/4 of the way full with First Bite Hard Cider.

  3. Add a splash of Cranberry or Pomegranate juice to give your drinks that pink holiday hue.

  4. Top off the glasses with a slice of fresh strawberry and celebrate.


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